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Cinnamon oil

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Cinnamon oil

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Physical and chemical properties of cinnamon oil

boiling point194-234 ºC
flash point197 ºF
refractive index1.5339
Storage conditions

Storage, transportation and storage are full, stored in a cool, sunscreen and ventilated place.


1. Properties: yellow liquid. It has cinnamon aroma and warm spicy and spicy, sweet and long-lasting, the head is like clove, strong diffusion and power, and the body fragrance cinnamon is heavy and sweet, and the bottom is dry and sweet. The taste is sweet and spicy.

2. Boiling point (°C): 194~234

3. Relative density (20ºC/20ºC): 1.052-1.070

4. Refractive index: 1.6000-1.6140